Having some place to go is home, having some one to love is family, having both is blessing……&
having proper place for all these is possible only with Malani's

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Welcome to Malani Group

A place where you can fulfill your basic needs of food, clothing and shelter in a luxurious manner.

Malani – famous with the community name- Meman, are engaged with various businesses such as Grocery, Apparels, Building Materials, Hardware, Footwear, Stationery, etc. It is a commercial hub in Shringartali, which is the centre place connecting nearby 40 villages and two tahasils, famous by nearest mega power project - Ratnagiri Gas & Power (Enron), Bharati Shipyard, proposed Atomic Jaitapur Power Project, Jindal Energy and many more. To its proximity lies captivating nature’s beauty. It is surrounded by clean beaches, one of it is the very famous- Guhagar Beach. Other major sites include Velneshwar - Lord Shiva Temple, Hedavi - Dashbhuj (Ten Hand) Ganapati Mandir, Guhagar-Vyadeshwar Temple, Fort Gopalgad and so on....

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